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Car Clinic offers the community of the bitterroot a wide variety of services to repair and keep up on maintaining your car, truck or SUV. If your vehicle has a strange fluid dripping from the undercarriage, rough idling or stalling, poor acceleration or any number other symptoms that you do not recognize as normal, schedule an appointment with us today. We always do our best to fit you in. Check below for a full list of services we offer as an auto repair shop and the vehicles we specialize in.

Auto Maintenance, Repairs and Services We Provide

Air Conditioning Repair

Timing Belt Service

Water Pumps

Drive Axles


Heating System

Fuel Injection Cleaning




Emissions System Repairs

Oil Change, Lube & Filter Service

Factory Preventative Maintenance


Brake Replacements & Diagnostics

Ball Joints, Shocks & Strut Repair

Suspension & Drive Train

Electrical Fault Tracing/Repair

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Door Lock Systems

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)


Fix Rattles, Bangs, Squeaks & Clunks


Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

If your car is about 10 years old, this is a common time for air condition and heating systems to go out. If you have a heating problem, it’s most likely an electronic actuator failure. These can sometimes be troublesome because of where they are located to replace, but give us a call or come down and we can help. If your car isn’t blowing cold air like it used to, you may have a small refrigerant leak. If it is leaking you won’t be able to see the liquid, as it evaporates extremely quickly. This is best assessed by an ASE certified technician.


Brake Repair & Service

This is one of the most important systems on a car, truck or SUV. For your safety and other people around you, this is what stops TWO TONS of steel from unwanted impact. During every oil change, the vehicle’s pads, rotors, and brake hydraulics should be inspected. The most common hydraulic failure we see is the caliper piston sticking and not releasing the brake pads. This is an easy fix. On average it is about a 2 hour fix to replace the calipers, pads and rotors and it will even be quicker if it is just the pads and brakes. If you hear a high-pitched, piercing metallic sound occurring when the vehicle is in motion, this is usually a good indicator that you need some maintenance.


Lube, Oil & Filter Change

Preventative & regular maintenance will lead to years and years of your vehicle being on the road. Ignoring this maintenance can lead to trouble in specific parts in your car and even whole system failures. Poor fuel economy and unreliable or costly breakdowns are things we like to avoid here at Car Clinic Auto Repair. The average maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual will give you the most reliable plan for your specific vehicle but we can also give more guidance if needed. We give the whole vehicle a quick checkup with this service and it runs about $35.00 for up to 5 quarts and a diesel oil change is $90.00.


Diagnostic Services

We not only have the computer equipment to read all trouble codes, but we take a full look at the vehicle from bumper to bumper to address any causes of problems. Most common vehicle issues can even be diagnosed by using all of our fine tuned mechanical senses. Is there a new fluid dripping? What color is it, is it clear? Even things like odor can set off a warning signal to a trained mechanic. Is the odor sweet smelling, a continuous burning-sulphur smell? What are the sounds coming from the vehicle while driving? While idling? We have years of experience and can quickly figure out the problems in your vehicle and repair it.

The Vehicles We Specialize In


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